About Me

Currenty, I am a senior member at Oracle with a research focus on the performance and architecture of Oracle server systems. I graduated with a PhD in fall 2011 from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. During my PhD, I worked as a research assistant in the Laboratory for Computer Architecture (LCA), directed by Prof. Lizy K John. I received my Master of Science in Computer Engineering from UT Austin in 2008. I received my Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Computer Science and Engineering from Anna University, Chennai in 2006. I have internship experiences as performance architect at ARM Inc. working on cutting edge mobile processor design, research intern at IBM T.J. Watson labs working on the then world's fastest super computer BlueGene/P and also as an intern at IBM Austin working on server performance. I have also worked as a part time research trainee in the High Performance Computer Architecture group (Vishwakarma) at the WAran Research FoundaTion (WARFT).

My areas of interests are Performance Evaluation and Power Modeling. I have been actively publishing in top tier international conferences and journals in Computer architecture. I am a member of the technical advisory committee for the International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Techniques (ICPRAT 2013). I have also been a technical reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Computers (TC), Supercomputing Conference (SC 2011), IEEE Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO 2011), International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT 2010), IEEE MICRO 2011, IEEE International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA 2012). More information about my publications can be found here.

The alpha binary simpoints for the SPEC CPU2006 workloads that I have generated in my research have been opensourced and can be downloaded from here. These can be used with the alpha ISA based simulation tools like Simplescalar. For more detailed information, please refer to my ISPASS 2010 and SPEC Workshop papers.

Contact Information

5330 Riata Park Ct, Bldg B
Austin, TX 78727
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